Golden hoofs



One of the great things about being an artist or designer today is that so many things are possible. you can find inspiration from many different walks of life. One can truly allow ones  imagination to run wild. These horse shoes  I guess you would call them are quite interesting in shape and design. Doubt they will become a fashion staple but interesting none the less.

Js Sparkle

jeremy-scott-adidas-originals-bear-gold jeremy-scott-adidas-silver-bear-retail-1-570x425 jeremy-scott-adidas-silver-bear-retail

Pop art fashion designer Jeremy Scott will release a gold and silver  shiny version of his popular shoe collaboration with Adidas this month . Based of previous teddy bear and panda bear models these limited editions will feature reflective plush fur. They are creative , different and will surely add some flair to anyone wardrobe.  Shine on Jeremy …. shine on.