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New Garde : Artist Statement

The Dreamer and The Artist

I believe art is an ever changing arena of thought and perspective. I use the creation process as a method to understand the world around me and facilitate the worlds understanding of me. My imagination has always been excited through the reading and viewing of various creative materials. Whether it be fantasy infused cinema or science fiction based graphic novels. My ultimate goal as an artist to provide the world with thought provoking ideas in tangible form. When I am first initiating an artistic endeavor, I document all the concepts that flow through my mind. Sketches, thumbnails, and technical flats are some of the ways I keep track of my ideas. I am now beginning to be able allow for materials such as fabric to dictate the form in which they take on and around the body.

When I work with fabric, I am reminded that concepts/ideas can be given life through concrete materials. What form these ideas take on the body can be constantly changed with the snip of scissors or the interlacing of a thread and needle. When my work is going well I feel a sense of excitement. Excitement that comes from knowing that what was in my head will now be in tangible form for all to see and experience. I often feel that the best experience is a shared.   I know a garment is completed when I feel that my vision has been expressed to its fullest extent and the wearer or viewer of the garment can indentify with the character, which the garment creates.

I am attracted to characters both fictional and real, possessing a commanding presence. This presence is the same presence that I seek to recreate for the wearer of my garment, whether they are animate or inanimate objects.  I desired for the wearer to feel desired themselves and to feel bold, powerful sophisticated. I have seen how clothing is able to help lift ones spirit or assist an individual in making a personal connection with others. When I am designing, it is the empowering emotion that I am seeking to recreate for my self and for the occupant of my garment. Secondly it is the connection making/producing element that I seek to reproduce for both my consumer and myself. As a designer I am most fond of a garment or piece of artwork that can allow for me to be able to connect with people and for people to connect with one another. It is through dialog and personal connection that an artist evolves.

I view garments as a way to adorn the body with ideas of strength, beauty, sexuality, cultural awareness, and pride. I seek to have all garments I design viewed as wearable art. Art that moves and changes with the body, while also bringing a sense of renewed interest to its surrounding area. It is my hope that I will be afforded the opportunity to converse with free thinking individuals who seek to increase their understanding of art and the creative process.

About newgarde1986

An active learner who seeks to obtain a position in the industry. Always willing to share knowledge and work closely with others towards achieving a common goal. An innovative thinker, using current practices and historical references to design and produce the desired end product. Education: The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago Jun 2007-Sept 2010 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design Wayne State University – Detroit, MI Aug 2005- May 2007 Completed: General Education Course Work Freelance: Kuno – Creative Director/Stylist Mar 2008-Present ➢ Responsible for artistic direction of photo shoot ➢ Coordinate and style apparel worn by models ➢ Assist in editing of production photographs ➢ Ensuring an efficient flow of media production ➢ Anticipating needs of discerning cliental Chicago Tourism Board -Fashion Concierge Sept-Oct 2008 ➢ Maintained integrity of fashion exhibit ➢ Provided general information to visitors ➢ Promoting Chicago fashion week ➢ Assisting in constructing/dismantling of fashion installation Experience: Haj Designs- Tailoring Intern July-September 2010 ➢ Performed alteration on garments based on specifications ➢ Pressed, steamed and applied notions based on garment specifications Banana Republic- Sales Associate Mar 2008-Oct 2009 ➢ Maintained hourly sales and productivity standards ➢ Offered valuable styling advice and fashion tips to customers to achieve top sales standards ➢ Provided prompt, efficient and courteous customer service ➢ Assisted fellow team members in building a stronger brand. The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago -Resident Assistant Jan-Jun 2008 ➢ Maintained order and programs in student housing ➢ Resolving conflicts between residents and management ➢ Assist with the entrance and departure of students in student housing program ➢ Receiving/dispersing information between housing residents and management ➢ Plan/coordinating school sponsored events for student housing residents Skills: ➢ Draping ➢ Patternmaking ➢ Sewing ➢ Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop software ➢ Costuming ➢ Trend forecasting Awards: AIBI Apparel Industry Board Leadership Awards July 2010 ➢ Received Stanley Paul Scholarship for Fashion Design 9th Annual Richard Driehaus Awards for Fashion Excellence May 2010 ➢ Received Honorable Mention Scholarship

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